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Scarf Tying

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Scarves are a timeless accessory that can make any outfit that much more stylish. Whether you're eight or 80, you can always find a scarf that works with your outfit to spruce it up! At, we sell well over 150 different scarves from designers from all over the world. We offer several patterns, colors, materials, and lengths. We believe that the way you choose to wear a scarf is a true expression of your individual style.

For shorter scarves, the ascot look is experiencing quite a resurgence this year. The scarf should be no more than 16 inches, and should be a square shape. Start by folding the scarf into an oblong shape. Then, place it around the neck and flip one end over the other for a bustle that rests at the nape of the neck. From there, you can layer this look with a high collared jacket or coat to achieve the classic look that's reemerging in popularity on the heels of the ladylike trend.

The knotted neck wrap is also another popular way of tying your scarves. For longer styles, this is a very sophisticated look. Simply fold your square scarf into a triangle. Place the point in front of you and cross the ends behind the neck and tie it off in the front with a square knot.

For a younger look, take a regular wool scarf and fold it in half. Wrap the folded scarf around your neck once, and pull the loose doubled end through the loop created at the top of the scarf when you doubled it. Rest the tail of the section you've pulled through on the side of your chest (to the left or right). This is probably the most popular way to wear scarves for people under age 35 this year. If you would like to give us your favorite way to wear your scarf, call us at 877-755-4920 and share your thoughts!