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Wedding Stockings

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Wedding accessories like stockings should play an important role in your bridal wardrobe choices. Although many wedding gowns are very long and don't expose much of the leg, the proper wedding hosiery should still be a key part of your outfit on your special day. Especially if they are going to be seen, hosiery can really accentuate the beauty of your gown and your figure.

As a rule, wedding stockings should complement your gown in material, style, and color. This means that the construction (sheerness, sheen, pattern) of the stockings themselves should not detract from your gown and should actually accent it in a subtle way. Patterned hosiery is tricky, as elaborate designs can draw too much attention away from the gown. However, patterns in moderation can be very flattering, especially those with simple motifs near the ankle.

Shoe choice can also affect your hosiery selection. For ornate or very strappy shoes, wedding stockings should be as simple as possible to avoid looking too "busy." If a basic pump is worn, then the hosiery can be more complex in design.

A mistake many brides make is choosing the wrong color of hosiery. When in doubt, experts say to keep it simple. The best rule is to go with sheer hose in the matching color of your gown, be it ivory, white, or nude. You don't want to take attention away from your expensive gown and you definitely don't want your outfit affected by a poor hosiery choice. At, we offer dozens of choices in wedding stockings. Shop online or call us at 877-755-4920 for details and orders.