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Wedding Petticoats

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Proper etiquette for wedding gown wear calls for undergarments that will enhance the bride's natural figure and improve the fit of her wedding dress. Corsets, hosiery, and other underclothing should all work with the dress, not create bulges or wrinkles on the outside. In this vein, a good petticoat can work wonders to fill out the skirt of your wedding gown and to accentuate the beauty of your entire wardrobe.

Petticoats are slips that are worn under skirts to add volume to their outer appearance. Some wedding gowns already have petticoats sewn directly into the lining, so they don't require an extra slip. However, many gowns do not come with this feature, so finding the right petticoat that works with the style of your dress is important.

We sell a variety of petticoats at for use with wedding gowns. Whether short or long, petticoats provide a layer between you and the dress that creates the illusion of fullness and body. If you want to achieve an extremely voluminous look, you may consider wearing two petticoats.

Modern petticoats are not meant to be seen, as a rule. Because of this, it is important to hem the petticoat (or layer of crinoline) at least two to three inches shorter than the hem of your gown. That way, it won't stick out as you're walking down the aisle or enjoying your reception. If you ever have any questions or concerns about our petticoats or any of our other hundreds of items, feel free to call us up at 877-755-4920 during business hours. Our friendly customer service representatives will be happy to help you.