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Wedding Hats

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The great thing about your wedding is that it can reflect as much or as little of your personality as you like. For many brides, that style is reflected in the dress and the accessories they choose. As an example, wedding hats offer an excellent alternative to traditional wedding veils. They can be large, small, simple, or complex--it simply depends on your gown, wedding theme, and personal fashion taste.

Choosing a hat should start with your dress. You probably won't want to wear a Victorian era hat with an ultra modern dress and by the same token, you probably wouldn't wear a cowboy hat with a regal type of gown. As well, a wedding hat doesn't have to be a large item.

We sell a matte satin Ivory Bridal Hat with a veil attached that's quite popular among brides. This hat is, for many, the perfect hat/veil combination--unassuming yet beautiful. It features a small headpiece trimmed in faux pearls, with a small veil in ivory attached at the back in two layers. Dainty and feminine, this is a great alternative to a large hat.

However, if a large hat is what you want, we've got that too! Garden weddings offer the perfect setting in which to wear hats like out Bridal Wedding Style Hat in Solid White. This hand-trimmed, large brimmed wonder measures 21 inches across and is accented with a gathering of tulle in the back. It is piled with gorgeous accents like ostrich feathers, roses, and beading. Truly stunning, this piece and all of our wedding hats offer unique options for your wedding ensemble. Call us today for details at 877-755-4920.