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Waist Cinchers

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Similar to corsets, waist cinchers are undergarments used to create the illusion of a narrow midsection through the exaggeration of the hips and bust. The only difference between a waist cincher and a corset is that a cincher is only worn around the waist, and has no brassiere component to it.

At, we sell both modern lingerie waist cinchers and Victorian era waist cinchers that are more costume pieces than anything. Both can be worn effectively under most garments and can also be worn on the outside of a shirt like so many of the fashion designers are doing right now. Paired with a tank top or a crisp white shirt, these waist cinchers make just as popular outer garments as they do undergarments!

Our Satin Jacquard waist cincher comes in black and purple as well as varying sizes. The smooth look and feel of this item is more than enough to make you comfortable and supported while you're wearing it. It has a lace-up front with a hook and eye closure in the back for secure and adjustable wear.

We also have a more Victorian-esque waist cincher in the Handmade White Waist Cincher. This handcrafted classic is covered in white embroidered lace over white cotton, giving it a genuine historical feel. This piece is one size fits all, and adjusts to fit your body type with a unique fastening system. For more details, please call us today at 877-755-4920. We love to hear from our customers and can help you with any questions about sizing, pricing, and shipping.