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Top Hats

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Since the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance periods, top hats (or high hats) for men have been fashionable as formal attire. Top hats experienced a slowing of favor in the 18th century for a time. However, the introduction of the stove pipe top hat (think Abraham Lincoln) changed this, and top hats have remained popular to this day.

In the early centuries, a top hat signaled to other men and women that the wearer meant business--that he were a serious, on-the-level fellow. Now, top hats are a symbol of an occasion, such as a wedding, a prom, or even a historical reenactment. They are still considered "formal" attire and can really complete a tux or period costume like no other accessory.

Of course, the styles have been modified a bit, but the basic top hat is still around. At, we offer historical top hats as well as modern versions for your shopping convenience. For Victorian clubs and reenactments, we provide our Prince Charles Wool Felt top hat in black. Different from the modern top hat because of its rolled brim, this hat is made of 100 percent heavy wool and grosgrain on the band and trim. It is available in large only, which is approximately 24 inches around the inside.

Our modern classic top hats include our traditional Black Felt Top Hat and Deluxe Black Felt Top Hat. Both are constructed completely from heavy wool and have a classic grosgrain trim and band. The Deluxe, however, sports a red quail feather and a white silk satin inner lining for an extra touch of class and elegance. You can browse all our top hats online and place your order via the Web or by phone at 877-755-4920.