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Silk Shawls

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Silk scarves and shawls are outer garments worn primarily by women and mainly used as accessories. So what's the difference between a scarf and a shawl? Well, basically, the size is the main difference. Scarves are generally smaller, with the typical square scarf measuring 20 inches in diameter. A shawl can be much larger, anywhere from 36 inches to 76 inches or more.

Silk shawls are luxurious and highly sought after by women all over the world. Some of the most elegant are made in Turkey, where embellishment and unique fabrics are infused with native traditions in shawl making. They can be made of 100 percent silk or cotton-silk blends that are washable and durable over time.

At, we can help you create this classy look for much less than you might think. We stock dozens and dozens of silk shawls and guarantee your satisfaction with every item we sell. We've got silk shawls from all over the world, including China, Turkey, and other countries. Our gorgeous Floral Chinese Fringe Shawl is featured in a red and blue floral pattern. Made of 100 percent imported Chinese silk, this shawl is truly breathtaking. It features a satin sheen finish and long fringe that sways beautifully.

Shawls, because of their size, are made to keep you warm, but to also embellish the look of your wardrobe with their delicate designs and materials. Our ornate Turkish Floral Design silk shawl accomplishes this with ease. Made of shades of pink, gold, turquoise, ivory, fuchsia, purples, and other colors, these shawls are as unique as they are stunning. You can shop online today or place your order by phone at 877-755-4920.