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Prom Tiaras

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Whenever a young girl wants to dress up like a princess, the first thing she reaches for is her tiara. Tiaras, also historically known as diadems, are decorated headdresses historically associated with royalty. In modern times, tiaras are fashionable hair accessories that many young women love to wear to the prom.

Fashioned from a wire base, tiaras are then encrusted with crystals, jewels, and precious gems. For the typical prom attendee, these will be created stones that are much less expensive than the royal tiaras worn by the Egyptians in ancient times or the royal women of the Napoleonic era. They can reach a few inches high or be a modest one inch high, depending on the amount of drama you want to create in your look.

At, we offer all kinds of tiaras for prom goers who want to feel like a princess for a day. Tiaras typically are designed to raise up in the middle and taper off on the sides, and this is standard for most of the ones we offer as well. Our heart-shaped tiara is centered around a heart encrusted with crystals and adorning curves of crystals along the sides of the heart.

Our Royal Princess tiara is not quite as high, with a sophisticated design that complements any hair style. There is no one way to wear your hair with a tiara, and experts agree that wearing your hair down is just as acceptable as pulled back when sporting one of these fabulous prom accessories. If you have any questions about our tiaras, feel free to give us a call at 877-755-4920--we're here to help!