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Long Skirts

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The skirt is a fashion staple that has undergone dramatic changes over time. During the Renaissance, women wore gowns with gathered skirts that opened in the front to reveal layers and layers of petticoats. Heavily textured fabrics and layer upon layer of undergarments created the bulky look that was popular for many years to come.

During the post-WWII era, high fashion houses took advantage of the hunger for something new and once again re-invented the skirt. Christian Dior created what became known as the New Look around 1947; this look included long, wide skirts, and a cinched waist. These full skirts were popular for more than their sheer femininity; they were also a joyful reaction to the end of WWII fabric rationing. After Dior's New Look, skirts continued to evolve, reaching new heights in the 1960s when British designer Mary Quant introduced the miniskirt.

While Dior's full-skirted look isn't seen very often these days, long skirts are still quite popular. A long skirt paired with a fancy blouse makes for an excellent formal outfit. Take that same long skirt and throw on a t-shirt, and you have a great outfit for weekends or less formal events. At, we love helping our customers create memorable outfits that are as stylish as they are versatile.

If you're looking for the perfect long skirt, we have plenty to choose from. Our swing style long skirt with Lycra is flying off the shelves right now. It's the perfect skirt for dancing, and it comes in one of this season's hottest colors--camel. Our long black rayon skirt with lace and beaded trim is the perfect skirt for mixing and matching. Take a look through our online inventory to get some great ideas for your next big event, or call us at 1-877-755-4920 and we'll help you pick just the right skirt.