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Long Formal Dresses

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When it comes to dressing up for formal events, the length of your dress is one of the most important considerations. A longer dress is perceived as more formal than a short dress or a skirt and a fancy blouse. (Remember the fashion furor Sarah Jessica Parker started when she wore a miniskirt to the Academy Awards in 2001?) The fabric you choose is also important. Sheer fabrics and sleek lines are surefire ways to amp up your glamour factor.

At, we offer an excellent selection of long formal dresses for proms and other special events. For young women, we offer classic styles such as A-line skirts and spaghetti strap gowns, and we customize them to fit your exact needs. You won't find dresses like ours at your local mall, making your prom dress a true original.

We also offer an amazing selection of bridesmaids' dresses to choose from. If you want your wedding day to go off without a hitch, plan ahead and order your bridesmaids' dresses by calling us at 1-877-755-4920 for a consultation today. We offer everything from metallic dresses to classical backless dresses with a hint of shimmer.

While other retailers ignore the demand for larger-sized formal dresses, we offer a complete line of plus-size dresses. If you're heading off to the prom or a formal event, or are in need of a form-fitting bridesmaid dress, we offer most of our designs in sizes from 14 to 44. We even custom-fit your dress upon request for the ultimate in comfort and style.