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Ladys Handkerchief

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Lace handkerchiefs have long been associated with romance. Many centuries ago, refined ladies would drop their lace handkerchiefs before gentleman suitors to let them know they were interested. Handkerchiefs were also used to communicate romantic intentions. For example, drawing a handkerchief across your face was the equivalent of whispering, "I love you." Twirling your handkerchief in your right hand was a way of letting someone know you loved another.

In the 19th century, children played a romantic game called Drop the Handkerchief. Children would form a circle, and a young girl would drop her handkerchief behind a boy. The boy would then try to catch her before she made it back to her spot in the circle. The prize for catching the girl was a kiss.

When you shop at, you can find a wide selection of unique women's handkerchiefs from which to choose. If you're planning a special luncheon, a delicate white handkerchief embroidered with an initial is a great way to let the society ladies know you've arrived. If you're looking for a way to add a subtle touch of softness to your business attire, a handkerchief is a simple accessory that lets your personality show.

If you're looking for the ultimate feminine accessory, check out our line of sheer handkerchiefs with flowers. One of our best sellers is our sweet, sheer handkerchief with pink and peach roses. If you like flowers, you'll love our blue floral handkerchief, featuring gorgeous blue flowers and bold green leaves. You can find out more about these best-selling items by calling us today at 1-877-755-4920.