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Lace Fans

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Fans play an intricate role in both fashion and society. In Japan, folding hand fans date as far back as the 1600s. The inspiration? The folding wings of a bat. According to historians, Italian women were the first to carry hand fans as fashion accessories. During the 1700s, wealthy women in France and England commissioned artists to paint their fans with intricate patterns and designs. It was during this era that the fan first became a symbol of feminine frailty.

Although fans no longer symbolize gentility, they do add a mysterious air of romance to your look. Whether you're looking for the perfect accessory for that garden party or need the perfect bridesmaid gift for your wedding attendants, is your one-stop resource for lace fans. You can reach us immediately for a price quote by calling 1-877-755-4920.

When it comes to elegance, many of our customers prefer our Battenburg lace fan. This fan is intricately woven with delicate lace for an incomparable look of elegance and style. These fans retail for just under $15, an incredible price when you consider the attention to detail that goes into each fan. You can choose from deep, rich red fans to glorious purple fans, a range of colors that will compliment any outfit. This fan also comes in ivory and white for added versatility and for a classic, subtle look.