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Hand Held Fans

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The Victorian era was all about decorum. Attending something as basic as a garden party or a tea party required the right dress, gloves, hats, and above all else, the right manners. When many of us think of Victorian-era parties, we think of women waving delicate hand-held fans.

Since it was often inappropriate for a young woman to speak openly with a young man, hand-held fans became the primary tool for flirtatious communication. If a woman wanted to say, "Follow me," she'd fan in front of her face with her right hand. Fanning with the left hand in front of the face was a way of saying, "Leave me alone." Drawing the fan across the forehead was a way of saying, "We're being watched."

The next time you attend a garden party, impress your friends with your knowledge of the secret language of hand-held fans. You can impress them even more by selecting a beautiful hand-held fan from

Feather fans are a soft and graceful way to add elegance to a soiree. Our most popular fan, our marabou feather fan, features soft feathers in an assortment of different colors including pink, white, lavender, ivory and purple. For more information or help finding accessories for your next event, give us a call at 1-877-755-4920. Remember--be careful where you rest your fan. Resting it on your right cheek means "yes," while the left check means "no."