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Crinoline Petticoats

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Crinoline petticoats were all the rage during the early 1830s. Crinoline is a linen material that's woven together using horsehair. When referring to petticoats, "crinoline" is the universally accepted term for a hooped underskirt frame.

Petticoats give shape and body to skirts, and they help to show off a woman's figure. In years past, women celebrated their curves and accentuated their femininity by wearing bouncy skirts with as many as six different petticoats underneath. Today, petticoats are worn for fun and fashion, and they're gaining in popularity thanks to innovative lingerie designers and private societies dedicated to the preservation of this classic feminine look.

Finding petticoats isn't as easy as you might think. Many lingerie stores simply don't stock these items because they don't sell as well as thongs and sexy nightgowns. is one of the best resources around for petticoats with classic features and a modern twist. You can shop online or place your order by calling a sales representative at 1-877-755-4920.

When it comes to modern petticoats, our most popular and versatile item is our ruffled sheer crystalline petticoat. This 15-inch, two-layer petticoat comes in black, pink, purple and white. It's great for special parties, dances, bridal showers, and just about any other dress-up event. Whether you're spending a romantic evening at home or you're dancing the night away under the stars, it's always more fun when you can feel the delightful swish of a crinoline petticoat.