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Bridal Petticoats

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Petticoats have been worn by women throughout history to give the impression of a smaller waist and to flatter the bustline. By 1585, petticoats were considered a fashion staple by society ladies. The petticoat received a boost in sales in 1947, thanks to designer Christian Dior who helped to popularize the full-skirted look associated with the 1950s. Today, petticoats are still quite popular among women looking to create a classic and timeless look for their wedding day.

When it comes to selecting a petticoat to wear under your wedding gown, it's important to consider the length of your dress. The last thing you want to do is buy a petticoat that's too short, creating an unusual poof in your gown. If you buy a petticoat that's too long, you also run the risk of revealing it during dances and other movements.

If you're looking for a petticoat to give your dress more volume, it's a good idea to find one with multiple tiers. Some women prefer petticoats that feature tiers throughout, while other women prefer petticoats with tiers at the bottom. The placement of the tier determines where you will add volume to the overall look of your wedding dress.

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