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Bridal Formal Wear

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Plenty of etiquette books have been written on the subject of wedding attire. Advice columnists dish out answers to questions including what to wear to an outdoor wedding, what to wear if you're the mother of the bride, what to wear during the different seasons of the year, when it's okay to wear black to a wedding, and more. Interestingly, white wasn't always the "in" color for a wedding dress. Brides in the 16th and 17th centuries favored pink, yellow, or blue; white dresses became the standard during the early 19th century, based on the fashions Princess Charlotte and Queen Victoria chose for their nuptials.

Today, brides are free to wear whatever they like. Whether you're planning on dressing in traditional white or are looking to mix things up with splashes of color, is your online bridal headquarters for all your wedding needs. With plenty of fabrics and colors to choose from and a selection of dresses to meet any price range, we'll help you find a dress for the big day.

If you're attending a wedding rather than starring in one, you can still feel like a princess. Upstaging the bride is bad form, but you can indulge in romantic fabrics such as silk, satin, or velvet. There's no reason to spend hours on end going from store to store or from site to site, when all your wedding planning needs can be met in one easy location.

If you like looking at photos online but you prefer to order over the phone, we can help. With so many companies competing for your business online, shopping for wedding attire can begin to feel like an impersonal process. At, we pick up the phone when you call, and we walk you through the ordering process when you need help. Call us today at 1-877-755-4920!